Anniversary #14

11th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM in Anniversaries
Anniversary #14
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Author Notes:

DoryH 11th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM
April 11th is here yet again, and I find myself reflecting on the events of the past year. For me an eventful year indeed, and not just due to the pandemic. I've been planning the story ahead, making significant progress on "Poharex: The Second Invasion", and honing my art skills in both two and three dimensions. I have also been working on reinventing the art style to be used in the comics starting issue #14.

More importantly, for me it was a year of making difficult, but necessary changes to improve the quality of my life; from looking for work in a different field to cutting out harmful habits. But above all, it was the year I was finally able to come out as non binary and begin my transitioning, which already drastically improved my life. Because of this, for the first time ever in an anniversary picture, I also drew myself! The creator and their creations, both in one frame; for like my comic characters, my own appearance has become my work of art, rather than my compromise.

May we all continue to see improvement in our lives this year, and every year afterwards.